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Bump Update – 37 Weeks!



Bare belly and a photobomb!



How far along? 37 weeks! (Compare to Luke at 37 weeks)

Maternity clothes? Spring has arrived (although it did snow last night) so I can now wear my long tanks. Just in time.

Weight Gain? +30lbs and I’m pretty happy with that. I’ve done much better with this pregnancy than the other two.

Stretch Marks? Still just a little one on one side. Maybe this kid is smaller than Luke? Or I’ll get 12 tomorrow.

Sleep? Improved since I added another pillow under my head. Still wake up with heartburn some nights, and of course, lots of bathroom trips.

Movement? Not a whole lot of room left to maneuver in there, but I feel limbs running along my insides like the velociraptors testing the fence for weaknesses.

What I Miss? Caffeine and wine.

Symptoms? I run out of steam around 6-7pm.

Food cravings? Chipotle, but that’s no different than non-pregnant Jess.

Food aversions? Nothing really.

Labor signs? More contractions. Not time-able or anything. I have no clue when this will happen, but I’m trying to be physically prepared for soon and mentally prepared for not soon.

Wedding rings? Still on. I’m not taking them off at this point. It’s a matter of pride.

Belly button in or out? Outie!

What I’m Looking Forward to? Meeting this baby and finding out if it’s a boy or a girl.

Weekly Wisdom? If it doesn’t get done before the baby comes, it’ll be ok. Things can wait.

Boy or girl? I am going to base my guess on what day of the week I deliver, based on my prior children. Thursday = girl. Saturday = boy. Any other day = I have no clue.

Milestones? Packed my hospital bag! Finished the baby blanket. Ready when you are, Trey.



Baby blanket - neutral stars & minky!

Bump Update – 35 Weeks



32w 4d



33w 2d



35w - baby has dropped!


How far along? 35 weeks!

Maternity clothes? I’m running out of shirts that cover the belly. It needs to warm up so I can wear some tank tops.

Weight Gain? +29lbs at my last appt two weeks ago.

Stretch Marks? One tiny one that’s really just an extension of a prior stretch mark.

Sleep? Not great. I wake up a lot from heartburn, including twice that I’ve woken up choking on my own stomach acid. That’s fun.

Movement? Kicks and lots of hiccups.

What I Miss? Eating cookie dough, caffeine, sushi.

Symptoms? BH contractions, lack of energy, heartburn.

Food cravings? Salad & Doritos. The two most opposite things possible.

Food aversions? Mexican food because it gives me heartburn, but I eat it anyway because I love it so.

Labor signs? A few contractions here and there. Nothing regular or intense.

Wedding rings? ON. I’m hopeful to make it to the end with them this time.

Belly button in or out? Out. It kinda looks like an eye. You’re welcome for that creepy image.

What I’m Looking Forward to? Spring. I’m hoping the snow melts before the baby arrives. It might be a photo finish.

Weekly Wisdom? Going to bed at 9pm sounds lame, but it’s the best.


Milestones? Nursery is as done as it’s going to get before this kid arrives. Baby hospital bag is packed. 35 weeks down, 35 days until my due date!




What a Difference A Year Makes

January 2013


January 2014


I totally expected Luke to change and grow, but can we talk about Vicki? She went from a little girl to a BIG KID. Not a toddler anymore.


I hope we’re fortunate enough to be able to take this picture for years to come. Although Cory’s hands will end up pretty full.

Bump Update – 30 weeks!


23w 2d



24w 5d - my 30th birthday!



27w 2d


29w 1d


How far along? 30 weeks!

Maternity clothes? I’ve even grown out of some already.

Weight Gain? +26lbs at my last appt two weeks ago.

Stretch Marks? Not from this kid.

Sleep? I wake up a few times a night, mostly to change positions. It’s annoying.

Movement? TONS. I’ve done a few kick counts and get 10 kicks in less than 10 minutes. The goal is to get 10 kicks in less than 2 hours.

What I Miss? Wine, real workouts.

Symptoms? Heartburn, Braxton Hicks, getting tired more easily.

Food cravings? Shrimp, avocado, tomato, & cucumber salad.

Food aversions? Not really.

Labor signs? Just BH contractions. Nothing for real.

Wedding rings? STILL ON! I needed to add in this line because this is the furthest I’ve ever made it wearing my rings. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that it’s about 14 degrees outside.

Belly button in or out? It pops out now. You can see it under my shirts.

What I’m Looking Forward to? Finishing Luke’s room & getting our baby stuff set up again.

Weekly Wisdom? Get things done when you have the motivation, because it is fleeting.

Boy or girl? Vicki has changed her guess to girl. I really have no idea. It’s very weird to not know.

Milestones? 75% baked! Passed my gestational diabetes test! Oh, and if this kid is early like Vicki (12 days early) or Luke (19 days early), I have less than two months left. O_O





Bump Update – 23 Weeks!


Happy New Year! Things have been crazy around these parts with the holidays, parties, family get togethers, snowstorms, and travel. We’re finally back into our regular routine. I feel like I just popped my head up and all of a sudden I have only 4 months until there will be another kid. Crazy!


19w 2d, Cory's Christmas party


20w 1d


22w 3d


How far along? 23 weeks (tomorrow)

Maternity clothes? Hell to the yes.

Weight Gain? I don’t even know. Probably around +18lbs.

Stretch Marks? No new ones yet.

Sleep? I keep having crazy pregnancy dreams that wake me up. Last night I dreamt that Cory was in a bar fight and was arrested. Um… what?

Movement? Every day, mostly in the evenings. We can feel it from the outside. :-)

What I Miss? Not having heartburn at night.

Symptoms? I legit forgot I was pregnant the other day until I looked in the mirror.

Food cravings? Salad, broccoli with ranch dressing, cucumbers, water. So weird.

Food aversions? Anything really acidic or spicy, but that’s due to the heartburn.

Labor signs? Nope, but Braxton Hicks have started.

Belly button in or out? Still in, bordering flat.

What I’m Looking Forward to? Getting the baby’s room started. I have done almost nothing so far and I need to get it together.

Weekly Wisdom? Sleeping is better than watching reality tv on Netflix.

Boy or girl? We don’t know, but my guess is boy. Vicki also guesses boy, and she was right about Luke.

Milestones? Past halfway!

Bump Update – Eighteen Weeks!



How far along? 18 weeks

Maternity clothes? Absolutely.

Weight Gain? +12lbs at my last appointment

Stretch Marks? Not from this kiddo.

Sleep? Excellent. I love it.

Movement? Taps and pokes every night. Trey seems to like movie night because he always squirms when we’re all snuggling on the couch.

What I Miss? Still wine. I am craving a glass of red by the fire.

Symptoms? Right now I’m in a really good spot. I was having some serious nausea for a while back there, but I’m crossing my fingers that that is all gone now.

Food cravings? I was very excited for Thanksgiving dinner, let me tell you.

Food aversions? Not really.

Labor signs? Nein.

Belly button in or out? In, but less deep.

What I’m Looking Forward to? Anatomy scan tomorrow! We’re team green this time, but I’m looking forward to it.

Weekly Wisdom? Drink lots of water – it makes everything feel much better.

Milestones? Anatomy scan tomorrow. :-)

Bump Update – Fourteen Weeks!


Wrote this last week and forgot to post it. Kid #3, already neglected!


Well, I’m doing this again. I love having my last pregnancy journaled to look back on, so here we go!



How far along? 14 weeks

Maternity clothes? Yes to pants, sometimes shirts. Depends on the day.

Weight Gain? +8 at my last appt two weeks ago.

Stretch Marks? No new ones yet. At this rate, Trey is going to leave plenty.

Sleep? Pretty good. I just got my new pregnancy pillow so I am already looking forward to bedtime.

Movement? I swear I felt a few twitches around 11.5 weeks. A few random ones since then, but nothing regular.

What I Miss? Caffeine. And wine. I smell Cory’s drinks every time he has one.

Symptoms? Right now I’m in a really good spot. I was having some serious nausea for a while back there, but I’m crossing my fingers that that is all gone now.

Food cravings? Cold pizza & cold pop tarts. I think I’m gestating a college student.

Food aversions? None right now.

Labor signs? No.

Belly button in or out? In.

What I’m Looking Forward to? Second tri energy and nesting urges to get some projects done.

Weekly Wisdom? Your belly looks better in maternity pants AND you will be 1000x more comfortable.

Milestones? Told the world. So happy to no longer be trying to hide this.

Vicki’s 3 Year Photoshoot


Once again, we met up with the amazing and talented Jess from Jessie Clicks for a photo session. I am so ridiculously thrilled with the results! Here are my favorites!








This is my new favorite picture.






For the record, bribing your children with ice cream is an extremely effective way to get good smiles in the pictures. Thanks again to Jess for all her amazing work!





Anti-JKa & Pregnancy, Part 1

I wrote this a few weeks ago, but waited to share until after we announced the pregnancy.

I got a call on a Monday, telling me I needed to meet with a Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) specialist regarding something with my bloodwork. Immediately my mind started spinning. I had just seen my midwife 5 days prior. What was going on?

I asked that a nurse call me, and an hour or so later, my phone rang again. I learned that I had “increased antibodies” in my bloodstream, and it would probably just mean I’d need more blood draws throughout the pregnancy. The doctor would explain everything. At my appointment. In three weeks.

In the meantime, I looked up my test results online and discovered that the antibody I had was anti-JKa. Naturally, I consulted my favorite doctor, Dr. Google. There are over 30 different proteins that can be found in blood, the most common of which is the Rhesus factor (Rh). Rh is commonly referred to in blood typing as positive or negative. Thus, if you have the Rh protein, your blood type would be positive, and if you don’t, your blood type would be negative.

JKa is another, less common blood protein. Whether you have it or not is inconsequential unless you’re getting a transfusion or you’re pregnant. I do not have JKa. My husband does. We were completely unaware of this until I got this phone call. What most likely happened is that Luke has the protein and during his birth, some of my blood mixed with his. My blood then developed antibodies against the JKa (anti-JKa). Again, not an issue at all for me. Until now.

Now that I am pregnant with #3, the anti-JKa comes into play. The antibodies in my blood are very small and have the potential to cross the placenta. If they do, and the baby has the JKa protein in his/her blood, the antibodies will go about destroying the proteins, and, along with them, the red blood cells. This is obviously bad and can cause problems including anemia, hydrops, strain on the baby’s organs, and Hemolytic disease of the newborn.

Right now, the levels of antibodies in my blood are very low – considered a trace amount. They are not at a level that is considered dangerous. According to the internet, the usual course of treatment is to monitor the levels in my blood first. If they increase to a dangerous level, then I will start getting regular ultrasounds to view the blood flow in the baby to determine if the baby is anemic. If the baby becomes anemic, then we would potentially do an intrauterine blood transfusion or deliver early, depending on the gestational age at the time.

Needless to say, I’m a little freaked out by all of this. It was nice to have low risk pregnancies while they lasted. I am trying to stay positive and I’m looking forward to speaking with the MFM. There’s a 50% chance that this doesn’t matter at all (if the baby doesn’t have the JKa protein). Most cases require extra monitoring and nothing else, and the babies turn out perfectly fine. I’m hoping that’s all we have to deal with.



Photo by Jessie Clicks.


Von Baby number three, due in May 2014.

I’ve been MIA around here because gestating is exhausting. Gestating plus caring for two toddlers? I crawl into bed immediately after putting them down for the night.

We’re planning on not finding out the sex of this baby so that adds a little element of mystery. There is also some extra health issues going on that I’ll explain in a future post. Nothing to worry about at this time, just extra monitoring.

We had an ultrasound today and the baby looks great!


Look at those sweet little lips!

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