Wordless Wednesday

All the grandkids & great-grandkids at my grandmother's 85th birthday party



So, last week, I professed a goal of making time for workouts and making myself a priority. That was on Monday. I worked out Monday and felt great.

On Tuesday, I injured myself. Not by working out or doing anything strenuous. I was carrying my laptop upstairs, and I tripped over the cat.

Let me [...]

Vicki Shows Me Her Toes

I know everyone thinks their child is a genius. And, really? When they go from being able to do nothing to doing even the simplest things, it’s amazing. Every new thing Vicki does impresses me to no end, as if she’s the first kid to ever do it.

So, naturally, I think the fact that [...]

My New Nephew

On March 26, 2011, I became an auntie for the second time.

Ethan Joseph


Early that Saturday morning, my sister called me and told me her water broke. Cory and I packed up the kid and hit the road. Since we lived the closest, we were on babysitting duty for Michael, my 2 [...]

Cheating the System

I feel like I’m cheating the system.

My workouts this week? Sucked. I did one. (I guess that should say workout this week.) The one workout was great, but then I got busy and didn’t make time for another. It’s very very easy to say I don’t have the time to workout, when in reality, [...]

Why You Need to Join a Mom’s Group

I love the internet. It’s obvious. I use it extensively for shopping, looking up recipes, getting advice on this whole parenting thing. It’s invaluable, especially at 2am when you’re trying to figure out what to do to get your baby back to sleep.

When I moved to NH, I had three separate people tell me [...]

Mommy Brain – It’s for Realsies

When you’re pregnant, it’s easy to get preoccupied with planning for the baby. That plus your changing body and the redirected blood flow to the uterus and placenta equals what is commonly referred to as “Pregnancy Brain”. Misplaced your keys? Blame it on the fetus. Can’t decide how many onesies to buy? Well, how are [...]

The Difference in Bathing Suit Shopping

I bought a new bathing suit yesterday.

And it wasn’t an awful experience. I was very excited at how smoothly it all went.

Now, please note, I am still way above my ideal weight. When I weighted this much 6 years ago, I cringed at the scale. But now I am feeling strong and powerful. [...]

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