Pigtails! – Wordless Wednesday


Finally enough hair for pigtails!


The iPhone obsession has begun.

Picwing: Your Family Will Love You


My Week in iPhone Photos February 19-25, 2012


Poor Vicki had her first ear infection this week. She was a miserable, pathetic, adorable mess. Lots of napping and snuggling.


Sunday, Feb 19

We had no idea she was sick yet, so we went to the playground. She basically just hung there in the swing.


She woke [...]

We Did Cry It Out & It Was AWESOME.


It took fifteen months to get there, but Vicki is finally a good sleeper. (She started sleeping through the night at 15 months and I waited two months to write this in an attempt to not jinx it. PLEASE PLEASE don’t let this post jinx it. PLEASE.)

She was always difficult to put to bed. I know [...]

Twenty-Two Weeks


21w 6d


How far along? 22 weeks

Maternity clothes? All the way. I’m looking forward to warm weather as 80% of my maternity clothes are spring & summer.

Weight Gain? I haven’t weighed myself since my last appointment. I’ll find out next week when I go to the midwife.

Stretch Marks? No [...]

I’m So Graceful


Yesterday, I fell down. It was quite the spectacular fall.

Vicki and I were in the living room, having a afternoon snack of pita chips and hummus. Her version of dipping a chip is to stick it into the hummus up to her first knuckles, then remove it, lick off the hummus and repeat. [...]

My Week in iPhone Photos February 12-18, 2012


This week, Cory was traveling for business, so Vicki and I filled our calendar with lots of activities.


Sunday, Feb 12

Vicki loves Tango SO MUCH. He loves attention SO MUCH. It's win-win.


Bathtime is hilarious!


Monday, Feb 13

Five minute sobfest over breakfast. [...]



It all happened in the blink of an eye.



We were getting ready to go downstairs for breakfast. I stood three steps down and waited for Vicki to turn around onto her stomach and follow me to the kitchen. She has been going down the stairs herself for about [...]

My Valentine – Wordless Wednesday


Love her eyelashes.


Eating her Valentine's Day cupcake.



On December 31, I nursed Vicki for the last time. Then I cried.

When I started nursing, I set a goal for one year. It seemed like the perfect amount of time: it was the duration recommended by the AAP, and then she would be old enough for whole milk. When she was born, [...]

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