My Med-Free Birth Plan


I looked at the calendar the other day and saw that I have only 4 more midwife appointments, including my 40 week appointment. (Yes, I know I could go past 40 weeks, but, in the interest of being prepared, I’d rather not wait until then to discuss my birth plan.) I figured I should [...]

Recently Cute

A few random adorable things Vicki has been up to. With my terrible memory, I don’t want to forget how cute she is right now at 19 months.

Right before bed, we go through this little routine:

I say, “I” Vicki repeats, “I” I say, “love” She usually says “YOU!” Last night, instead, she [...]

My Weeks in iPhone Photos April 8-21, 2012


We were in Delaware visiting family last weekend, so here’s two weeks together! Picture overload!


Sunday, April 8

Reading her new Big Sister book with Dada.


My little Easter Bunny.


Monday, April 9

Using her baby brother as a pillow.


Ice cream [...]

Thirty Weeks!


30 weeks!


How far along? 30 weeks

Maternity clothes? Not only do I wear maternity clothes, I am starting to grow out of some shirts.

Weight Gain? Up 22 pounds total. I’ll get weighed again at my next midwife appointment.

Stretch Marks? None from this pregnancy. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Sleep? Lovely [...]

Slide! – Wordless Wednesday


When there are 5 other adults to help supervise, it’s a lot easier to get decent pictures of your kid at the playground.








(She seriously says “Wheeeee” the entire time she is sliding down. And she always chooses the tallest slide in the playground. [...]

First Pregnancy vs. Second Pregnancy


I knew things would be a little different this time around, but it’s astonishing how different my pregnancies have been. Fortunately, much of the good stuff had been the same – I feel good, have a fair amount of energy, and, in general, really enjoy being pregnant. The mental and emotional side of it [...]

How to Shop a Consignment Sale


As I mentioned yesterday, I went to my first real consignment sale recently and scored some great finds. No, wait – that’s a lie. I went to a consignment sale last year and was so completely overwhelmed that I bought some clothes that I never used and didn’t need. This year, I was much [...]

Spring Consignment Sale Finds


I don’t have the patience for thrifting. I’m not really into kitschy decor and I hate the word whimsical. A kid’s consignment sale, however, I am ALL OVER.

I went to such a sale a few weeks ago, armed with a long list. I used their spreadsheets to figure out what each kid had [...]

Easter Egg Hunt – Wordless Wednesday


She quickly learned how to open eggs to access the goodies inside.


What do you mean I have to check and see if it's my egg? They're not ALL mine?


Too distracted by the eggs to rip off her headband. Chalking that up as a WIN.




My sweet, little, 18 month old girl is obsessed. With shoes.

She wakes up in the morning and asks for shoes. She pulls her shoes out of the closet and tries to put them on. She picks up shoes next to the front door and brings them to me to put on her feet. [...]

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