Life’s a Beach


This week, we took advantage of the 90 degree weather and my mom being around to lend an extra pair of hands and took the kids to the lake. We met my sister there, so we had 4 kids under 4. It was an absolute BLAST and a good time was had by all.


Move Update


More than having a newborn, the move is what’s keeping me from writing a lot here. Remember last time we moved? It happened then, too. Apparently packing up your entire life when you have two kids under the age of two is time consuming. Who knew?

Everything is full steam ahead to close next [...]

Lucas’ Birth Story


Caution: this is a birth story. Which means it involves gory details about how Luke came into the world. If you aren’t interested in knowing this and like to pretend storks exist, click away now. You have been warned.


I woke up on Saturday, June 9 around 6am. I got up, went to [...]

Bedtime with Two

It’s crazy and interesting when I have both kids for bedtime. Crying is inevitable. But so is snuggling.

Grainy pic due to low light & iPhone camera & sleepiness.

Luke at One Month Old


Yesterday was one month since Luke was born. I’m investigating how time can be moving so quickly. I’ve put a call in to Doc Brown, but he’s in the Old West so it takes a while to get a response.


Hi guys! I'm a month old.


It’s so terribly cliché, but [...]

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