How to Make a Play Wallet in Under 3 Minutes


It looks like a normal, innocent wallet.


Suspiciously unsuspicious.


But then you open it up and BAM! Tons of fun.


Well, would you look at that?


I was going through my desk the other day and came across my old wallet and a stack of useless store cards. I remembered seeing something on Pinterest about a play wallet for restaurants and 2.4 minutes later I had my very own play wallet created.

If you need help, here’s my step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Locate old wallet and store “Buyer’s program” cards that you have only used on the day you signed up for them.
  2. Empty all money from old wallet. Put it in the kids college fund your Starbucks fund.
  3. Put the store cards in the wallet and toss in the diaper bag for the next time you need to distract your kid.


Does anyone even know what a Subway card is for?


I have done extensive field testing* and the play wallet was a big success. I use it to keep Vicki from standing up in her high chair when we go to restaurants. I suppose you could also use pieces of card stock with colors and numbers on them if you wanted to introduce learning or something like that. I’ll probably print some play money once she’s a little older and use it to teach her math.

*Two separate restaurants, one 1-year-old and one 3-year-old, both enjoyed it thoroughly.

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