What a Difference A Year Makes

January 2013


January 2014


I totally expected Luke to change and grow, but can we talk about Vicki? She went from a little girl to a BIG KID. Not a toddler anymore.


I hope we’re fortunate enough to be able to take this picture for years to come. Although Cory’s [...]

Vicki’s 3 Year Photoshoot


Once again, we met up with the amazing and talented Jess from Jessie Clicks for a photo session. I am so ridiculously thrilled with the results! Here are my favorites!








This is my new favorite picture.





Wordless Wednesday – Life’s a Beach


Beach boys at Plum Island.


Hanging with my dude.


Vicki catching fish in Nantucket.


A Day in the Life – July 29, 2013


I’ve seen a few other posts around the Interwebs where you take a picture every hour(ish) of what you’re doing. Yesterday I decided to do it myself.


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5:57am: My alarm clock never gets used anymore. Luke wakes up EARLY.

5:59am: The dude was NOT happy.

6:40am: Hey, look! Vicki’s awake, too!

7:17am: Folding laundry on my bed while Vicki draws and Luke plays on the floor.

8:18am: Breakfast time!

9:06am: Skyping with Nana, Auntie Jen, Mike, & E.

Wordless Wednesday – Sweet Mower, Yo







Lucas’ One Year Photoshoot


In May, we got together with my fabulous photographer Jessie Clicks to take Luke’s one year pictures. As always, she snagged some fabulous shots.


My new favorite family photo. Coming soon to a canvas in my house.


Holding hands! <3


Sweet little goober.


He looks so dorky with his combover. [...]

Twenty Nine


I turned twenty nine in January. I’m writing this post in April.┬áTimeliness, you’re doing it wrong.

That said, twenty nine was the best year yet.


January 2012 – Starting the year off in style with a trip to St. Martin.



February 2012 – Winter Carnival in Quebec City.


April 2012 [...]

My Weeks (Month) in iPhone Photos Nov 18 – Dec 15


Holy cow, everybody. December is half over.

Needless to say, December is kind of kicking my ass. Between all the extra social events and the gobs of work to make Christmas magical, I’ve barely had time to sit down at the computer. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving it. Vicki is old enough [...]

My Girl & Me – Wordless Wednesday


One of my favorites from Vicki’s two year photoshoot. A rare shot of me with my little girl. <3


Queen’s Guard – Wordless Wednesday


From our recent trip to the UK, the standard pics-with-the-guard-in-the-big-hat.



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