My Week in iPhone Photos April 1-7, 2012


April already! Whoa, baby! We’re already in Q2 of 2012 – how did that happen?


Sunday, April 1

(My husband woke me up by saying, “Vicki learned how to climb out of her crib! …… APRIL FOOLS!” He totally got me, too.)

Note to Vicki: It's not winter anymore.


The AH-MAZING wall decal we spent 3 hours putting up.


Monday, April 2

She has to wear her shades in the grocery store so she can check out the other babies.


Tuesday, April 3

Bottoms up! Glucose tolerance test. (I passed! Bring on the M&M's)


Apparently starting your day with pure liquid sugar makes you feel crappy. Chipotle to the rescue!


Wednesday, April 4

Ride 'em, cowgirl!


Drivin' around in my automobile.


Wearing Dada's shoes. Backwards.


Thursday, April 5

Dith! (aka dip) all over her face.


I don't even know which kid did this, but it was hilarious.


See? They're all perfect angels.


Friday, April 6

Vicki's contribution to dying Easter eggs was eating the Easter eggs.


Wrestling with her cousin Mike.


Saturday, April 7

Vicki's flower girl shoes for my SIL's wedding.


Putting together the dresser for Vicki's big girl room.


This week we have lots of house things to do – maybe even finish Vicki’s room? For realsies this time? One can only hope.

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  • Lindsey_matthews

    I always love your week in photos!  Thanks for sharing!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! I love looking back and seeing what we’ve been up to.