Advent Calendar Activities


This year, I was obsessed with finding the perfect advent calendar. I love countdowns and what is an advent calendar but the ultimate countdown? I searched and searched, but never found the calendar I pictured in my head.

Instead, I got this one, which is 1000x better:


Gingerbread House Advent Calendar from Kohl's, $21 on sale. (No longer on their website)


Next, I had to figure out what to put behind each door. I decided against candy, since I wanted the surprise of something different every day. With some searching on Pinterest, I soon discovered that people put different Christmas activities for every day. Perfect.

So I used a few from here and here, brainstormed a few ideas myself, and bribed my husband to help round out the list. Voila! My Advent Calendar Activities, here for my fellow procrastinators to print out & enjoy:



Just click above to download the pdf & get your countdown on! Only 19 days until Christmas!

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  • Michaels52

    Nice job. Lots of inexpensive things to do that really add to the Christmas spirit.