Gift Guide for One Year Olds




Now that Vicki’s first birthday is behind us and she’s had the chance to play with her gifts, I can write this guide.

In the weeks leading up to her birthday, I was frantically asking “What should I get her for her first birthday?” both for myself and for the generous friends and family members who wanted to know what to buy. So for those of you with a first birthday party fast approaching or a one year old on your Christmas list, take notes (or just click on the links and save yourself the trouble :-) )



All kinds of blocks apply. Vicki is lucky enough to have Duplos, Mega Bloks & traditional wooden blocks. She loves them all. She has the zoo Duplo set, and it is excellent to play with the different animals. They will grow with her as well, since they’re a little too difficult for her to put together quite yet, and they will integrate with Legos when she’s older. (Did you know that Duplos and Legos fit together? Mind boggling, I tell you.) The Mega Bloks are more her speed right now and she’s figuring out how to put them together. The wooden blocks are great to show her letters, spell out words, and make elaborate towers. All of which she knocks down, of course.


Although she is still too young to put the puzzles back together completely, Vicki now understands that the puzzle piece goes in a certain spot and she tries to put it in its place. Judging by the teeth marks, puzzles are also delicious. We love these ones from Melissa & Doug.


I love any opportunity to start teaching Vicki her colors, letters, numbers, and shapes. Plenty of toys out there offer that function while being tons of fun, too. She loves her letter mat and it’s a fabulous, hands-on learning tool. She also adores her books and likes to take them all off her bookshelf to flip through the pages. Check out the dollar spot at Target for some cute, educational books for a buck each.


I wasn’t sure if Vicki would be into cars. Boy, was I wrong. She LOVES them. Anything with wheels is a big hit. She likes to push them around as she crawls across the floor. This set is really cute, and would make a perfect stocking stuffer!



I love the idea of giving the child a gift and adding to it each birthday (or Christmas). My parents gave Vicki a charm bracelet and plan to add a bead every year as she grows. So sweet, and I know it’s something she’ll treasure forever. Other sentimental gifts would be frames (love this collage frame), ornaments, or heirlooms.


Role Play

Vicki has recently started to imitate things that I do. Every vessel is a cup, every article of clothing is a scarf, and everything is a phone. She received a few gifts that are designed to help her learn how things in the world work – a tea set, a cell phone, a doctor bear. Similarly, she also LOVES her Little People Farm & all its animals. There are a few different Little People sets that would be a big hit with the toddler crowd.


Stuffed Animals

I know. The stuffed animals seem to multiply in the night. They take over the playroom. BUT there’s a dang good reason: kids adore them. Nothing is quite so precious as when a kiddo gives a teddy bear an enormous hug and kiss. Who doesn’t love that kind of reaction? Plus, there are many, many affordable options out there. I suggest a Christmas or birthday themed animal, perhaps with the child’s name and/or the year embroidered on it. That way it’s a little more special.

What are you giving to the one year olds in your life this year?


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